It’s all about Rugby

Today the world’s oldest rugby tournament kicks off and will see us glued to the action for the next eight weeks!

Why is the Six Nations important?

Not only are there rivalries dating back over 100 years, this tournament showcases the top teams in Europe. It will also be a great viewing of the teams before the World Cup in Japan later in the year.

Why you should encourage your sports teams to watch (even if they aren’t rugby players)

Like many team sports, rugby instils strong values of sportsmanship, discipline, respect, teamwork and determination. However, the Six Nations brings so much more. It is a chance to see some of the best players in the world shape the game. Players putting their bodies on the line to get the win, the changing passages of play and the most beautiful side step and injection of pace to get the ball over the try line. Any sportsperson can appreciate the total team effort it takes to win a game, and rugby showcases this perfectly.

Rugby is one of the most physically demanding games out there, but the aspect of the game that is most noticeable is the respect the players give to the referee. They are always spoken to, never shouted at. They are given personal space and never crowded. They are in charge, and even though they may be speaking to a player who towers over them, they are never intimidated. This is something that I think all students should take note of, these men carry more dignity because they are respectful. Unlike other sports where players are abusive to the officials – in rugby the players have the utmost respect for the man with the whistle, long may it continue.

The Six Nations will be a spectacle to watch, and if you can encourage your sports teams to catch a game or two it could start conversation about potential plays and they may see a style they would like to use and adapt into their own game.

Watching professional sport is such a powerful tool when looking to inspire and aid young athletes. This tournament has the ability to highlight how to be a compete athlete in every sense.

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