What is performance and how do you fuel your body?

The above question is initially associated with high level athletes. However, a growing number of young people are unaware that the term performance and correct fuelling are not solely targeted at only sports stars. Fuelling your body so it can perform its daily tasks is vitally important.

With the Insta-generation it is apparent that more value is now being put on aesthetic beauty, rather than eating and exercising to maintain a balanced healthier lifestyle. This is seen as a growing number of diets call to eliminate entire food groups to accomplish your goals.  When you compare this to the advice nutritionists give athletes at the top of their field, it does make you wonder – if those individuals are seen to be in peak physical condition, then why are others not being encouraged to eat the same balanced diets?

So, what does fuelling actually mean and why should we pay more attention to eating

Fuelling your body for performance can mean many different things. It is true a top athlete will need to eat in a different way to a business woman who has a full day of meetings, and again her consumption will not be the same as a high school rugby player. However, what all these examples have in common, is they need to fuel for their event/daily life/training session. Performance is the ability to complete your task or goal to the best of your ability. You need to have a physical fitness level to ensure this is done and have the mental stability and alertness to minimise mistakes. Balanced eating is the easiest way to achieve this as it provides your body with the correct levels of nutrients from the main food groups.

The discussion about what the percentage breakdown of carbohydrates, fats and protein should be is an on-going one. However, excluding one food group from an eating plan is not sustainable or healthy. Everyone is different and has varying demands on their body, but, fuelling correctly so that you can enjoy optimal performance has to be the goal.

We at Team Sports Travel are passionate about sport and wellbeing and believe that fuelling correctly is essential to thrive in both.

We understand that in this current era social media is having a massive impact on how the younger generation are seeing themselves. This can give them a distorted view of how they should look, what they should eat and how they should act to fit in. On all our tours we ensure that there is a healthy blend of food available at all meal times and that it is sufficient to fuel all members of the tour for their activities.

We are proud to promote sport and experiences for all levels and believe by engaging with a variety of cultures these students can see what beauty means in different countries, and how wellbeing and happiness can provide so much more than the latest trend. We understand sport is a universal language that brings people together and how correct fuelling is linked to performance at all levels. We endorse healthy lifestyles and hope that all groups are able to buy into our manta and see the benefit, not only in their sporting ventures but also in their general wellbeing.


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