England at the Cricket World Cup Quiz
In what year was the inaugural Cricket World Cup (Prudential World Cup) held in England?
How many times have England finished runners-up at the Cricket World Cup?
Who was the captain for England in the first ever Cricket World Cup?
Who were England's opponents in their first ever Cricket World Cup match?
Who was England's leading wicket taker in the 1979 Cricket World Cup?
What margin did England lose by in the 1992 Cricket World Cup final?
How many English venues hosted matches in the 1999 Cricket World Cup?
Who is England's leading run-scorer in Cricket World Cups?
During which Cricket World Cup did England forfeit their match against Zimbabwe?
In 2011, Andrew Strauss hit the highest score by an Englishman in World Cups, but how many did he score?
Who is the leading wicket-taker in World Cups for England?
Which team completed the highest successful run-chase in Cricket World Cup history against England in 2011?
Which bowler took a hat-trick for England at the 2015 Cricket World Cup?
Which team did England play when they recorded their only ever tie in Cricket World Cups?
In 1983, Vic Marks produced the best bowling figures by an Englishman in the Cricket World Cup, but what were his figures?
Which team sealed England's elimination from the 2015 Cricket World Cup?
Which team have England won the most Cricket World Cup matches against?
When did England last beat Australia at the Cricket World Cup?
What is England's lowest completed innings in Cricket World Cups?
Which of these teams are England unbeaten against in Cricket World Cups?



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