Listed below are some of the most frequently asked questions about the insurance cover provided; this can be used as a guide when answering customer queries.

1.       Do I need insurance?

Your safety is our primary concern and as a condition of booking one of our trips you must have adequate insurance. Furthermore, having insurance will offer peace of mind to you before starting out on your trip.

2.       What does the insurance cover?

For a summary of the cover provided by the group policy insurance, please refer to the Important Product Information Document. The insurance will cover many unforeseen events and conditions that would affect your health, finances or well-being.

3.       Is there anything the insurance does not cover?

Yes, as with all insurance policies there are a number of general exclusions listed in the group policy wording under ‘general exclusions’ which should be read carefully in addition to the ‘What is not covered’ sections of the group policy. You will also be responsible for paying the first part of each and every claim under each section for which an excess applies. It is your responsibility to read and ensure that you understand the group policy.

4.       How do I make a claim?

Making a claim or request assistance in the event of medical emergency:

All medical claims are handled by our emergency assistance service (CEGA) who operate a 24/7 operation for medical emergencies. Contact the emergency assistance service on telephone number: +44 (0)1243 621058.

Making a non-medical claim:

All non-medical claims are handled by CEGA– telephone number +44(0) 1202 038 946. Alternatively:

Email:     or

Web:               The claim centre is –

The travel claim form – insurance/forms/travel-claim-form/

When to make a claim:

Claims should be made as soon as possible after the date of the incident for which the beneficiary is claiming. Claims MUST be made within 31 days of the incident.

5.       What should I do if my baggage, money, passport or travel documents are lost, stolen or damaged?

Whilst in the care of a carrier, transport company, authority, hotel or your accommodation provider

You must report to them, in writing, details of the loss, theft or damage and obtain (at your own expense) written confirmation of the loss. If baggage is lost, stolen or damaged whilst in the care of an airline you must:

  1. obtain a Property Irregularity Report from the
  2. give formal written notice of the claim to the airline within the time limit contained in their conditions of carriage (please retain a copy).
  3. retain all travel tickets and tags for submission if a claim is to be made under this group policy.

In all other situations

You must report to the local Police in the country where the incident occurred within 24 hours of discovery wherever possible, and obtain (at your own expense) a written report of the loss, theft or attempted theft of all baggage.

You must provide (at your own expense) an original receipt or proof of ownership for items lost, stolen or damaged to help substantiate your claim.

6.       What should I do in the event of a travel delay?

Firstly, check you have cover under the group policy for Delayed Departure; to make a claim you must obtain confirmation from the carriers (or their handling agents) in writing of the number of hours of delay and the reason for the delay.

Please contact the Endsleigh Claims Team as soon as possible preferably by phone and our trained claims staff will be happy to help.

7.       Can you assist me with making claims and in emergencies?

All claims must be made by telephoning either of the Endsleigh numbers above in section entitled “how to make a claim”. Depending upon the nature of the claim, staff can help make this call if required.

8.       If I am injured/sick in a remote location, is helicopter rescue covered?

The emergency medical assistance team will assess each situation individually and being airlifted is an option if it is deemed medically necessary.

9.       Is there a refund if I have travelled but do not make a claim within the period of insurance?

There is no refund due even if no claims are made during the period of insurance.

10.    What is the period of cover?

Cancellation cover is operative from the time you are accepted for cover and shall terminate when you leave your home to commence the trip. For all other sections of the group policy, the insurance commences when you leave your home to commence the trip and terminates at the time of your return to your home in your home country on completion of the trip. Any trip that had already begun at the time of being accepted for cover will not be covered.

11.    Am I covered for taking part in amateur competitions? (Such as a football tournament?)

In relation to sports listed in the policy documents as being covered, unless otherwise stated in the group policy documentation, cover is available for amateur sports competitions provided it is not the main purpose of the trip. All professional sporting activities are not covered.

12.    If I no longer want cover under the group policy, will I get a refund?

You may withdraw from participation in the group policy at any time by giving notice of that intention to us (the agent). Any return of premium will be calculated from the date such participation ceases, provided you have not travelled or been the subject of a claim during any period for which cover was provided, in which case no refund will be due. We reserve the right to charge a reasonable administration fee.

(Please note: Cancellation cover is operative from the time you are accepted for cover. Therefore, if you withdraw from participation in the group policy you will be charged for the period between being accepted for cover and your travel departure date).

13.    How do I make changes to my policy?

If you require details within the policy documentation to be changed, such as the departure date, duration, increasing the cover levels or adding activity cover, please let us know.