Hockey promoting development and peace

The FIH joined with the International Olympic Committee in celebrating International Day of Sport for Development and Peace. They did this by telling different stories that demonstrated the depth, unity and empathy that can be found within the global hockey family.


By sharing stories we can promote hockey, understanding of issues around the world and how this sport can help bring support to those who need it. This is such an important message especially with Georgia Wilson’s article. She speaks about battling her depression demons which related to her personal life as well as her performance related anxiety. Georgia’s willingness to speak about this promotes the openness that it is ok not to be ok and struggling is normal. By taking away the embarrassment she hopes that more young people will talk about their mental state.

The Hockey Dreams Foundation brings hockey to the people in Zambia, Uganda and Malawi. The charity gives local coaches a chance to improve their understanding and skillset. They have also set up an academy aimed at secondary school children and this modular course gives them a diploma on completion. This charity which is based out of The Netherlands is looking to spread hockey’s message across Africa – find out more here.

Participating in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, there are cultural and logistical challenges however the national governing bodies are working to make this movement a reality.  One of the goals would be to create a new hockey-playing population in North Korea. Chief Executive of the AHF, Tayyab Ikram says, “A unified Korea will improve viewership numbers, it will encourage people to take an interest in sport and such popularity would help open further venues for hockey in Korea. This is all good for development and growth of global hockey.”

Other stories can be found on the FIH website. An important takeaway from what the FIH are trying to do here is that even in our current world with all its high stress levels, divisions and dispute; hockey can bring people together in their time of need. Hockey is so much more than just a game; it makes up a global family with values and beliefs that can make a difference. This is yet another example of how sport can make a massive difference not only in our lives but those around us as well.

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