Cricket Tour to Barbados

With its year-round temperate climate and abundant tropical vistas, Barbados plays the consummate host to many sports enthusiasts. Well known throughout the Caribbean for sports tourism, Barbadians are avid sportsmen and sportswomen, who demonstrate a
per person
12 Days

Cricket Tour to Holland

Looking for the number one hockey destination? Well here it is. Watch the Dutch hockey sides and see why we recommend Holland as the hockey destination of choice. Holland also offers state of the art
per person
4 Days

Cricket Tour to Ireland

A perfect touring destination for your team to experience the ‘craic’ – the buzzing atmosphere, combined with the world renowned friendliness of the Irish, makes Dublin one of the most vibrant cities in Europe. There
per person
7 Days

Cricket Tour to South Africa

With our dedicated teams based in Cape Town and Johannesburg, TEAM Sports Travel is second to none in tailoring tours to South Africa. With the love of sport exhibited by the country and its passion,
per person
11 Days
South Africa

Cricket Tour to Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a highly recommended cricket destination as it offers a high level of competition as well as a culturally rich experience. Flight times can be minimised using a direct routing on Sri Lankan
per person
11 Days
Sri Lanka